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Tiggi Clay

Tiggi Clay

Fizzy Qwick (lead vocals)

Tiggi Clay (vocals, rhythm)

William "Billy" Peaches (bass)

Billy "Shoes" Johnson (drums)

Pete Escovedo, Sr. (percussion)

Bobby Scott (guitar)

Carl Lockett (guitar)

Dave Denny (guitar)

David Denny Credits: Producer, guitars

“Fizzy Qwick is an American singer and songwriter who has recorded in various musical styles ranging from R&B to new wave. Her recordings from the early 1980s have become popular among fans of Northern soul since the early 21st century. In the early 1980s she formed a new wave trio called Tiggi Clay, allegedly named after a notorious bully (who is portrayed in their initial music video). For this group she adopted the colorful stage name Fizzy Qwick. Her bandmates had the equally colorful names of William "Billy" Peaches (real name: Hilary Leon Thompson) and Romeo "Breath" McCall (real name: De Wayne Sweet). In 1983, Tiggi Clay signed with the newly formed Motown rock subsidiary, Morocco. The album jacket from their self-titled debut showed the trio only in silhouette, presumably to create a mystique and/or conceal their racial identity. A similar technique was used with other label artists such as white soul singer Teena Marie and Berry Gordy's son Rockwell on their initial releases. In fact, Rockwell's smash hit, "Somebody's Watching Me" was peaking on the charts at the same time as Tiggi Clay's initial single, "Flashes" entered Billboard's Hot 100 chart.” – from Wikipedia (

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