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Acclaimed musician, songwriter, and engineer David Denny has been an integral part of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene for over five decades. With roots planted in the early 60’s "SF Psychedelic Movement," David has collaborated with countless Bay Area musicians and achieved multiplatinum fame with the Steve Miller Band.              Subscribe to David's YouTube Channel

In 1967, David joined All Night Flight with Jack King (guitar), Brian Hough (bass), and Jim Fassio (guitar) which later became the seminal 60’s psychedelic band, Frumious Bandersnatch (re-popularized in the '90s due to re-releases in Europe & the US). David worked as Road Manager for the Steve Miller Band, one of the biggest names in rock and blues – and became an official band member in 1970 (on guitar), with Steve Miller (guitar/vocals), Ross Valory (bass), Bobby Winkleman (guitar), and Jack King (drums) (line-up in 1970).

In 1971, David took a hiatus from the Steve Miller Band to form the band Joker with Jack King (drums), Brian Hough (bass) and Byron Allred (keyboards). Joker then toured the Midwest, with Rick McCamy replacing Jack King. David rejoined the Steve Miller Band in 1976, touring in support of their multiplatinum album, "Fly Like an Eagle."

The following year, the Steve Miller Band recorded David’s song, "The Stake" for their "Book of Dreams" album. "The Stake" appeared on SMB’s Greatest Hits album (1974-1978), which has sold over 13 million copies to date. This song of burning confidence, well known by its chorus, "Nobody Loves You Like the Way I Do," portrays a classic blues man's brag to his lover and was a perfect match for Steve Miller's "Gangster of Love" stage persona. "The Stake" lives on to this day, connecting with each new generation of Steve Miller Band fans.

David left the Steve Miller Band in 1979 and went on to build a series of recording studios, where he recorded demos and records for names like Tiggi Clay (Motown), Teresa Trull & Barbara Higbey, Ray Obiedo, Rosie Gains, Mark Russo (Yellow Jackets), and The Mermen ("Krill Slippin"). David’s long list of Bay Area session players also includes Pete Escovedo, Larry Batiste, Steph Burns, Carlos Reyes (Merlin), and Kathy Peck (Contractions).

David continued recording and performing his own projects over the years, including Calamari Gold with Bobby Scott (aka Squid Vicious), Ross Valory, David Perper and Bobby Vega. In 1987, he and Bobby Scott helped form, record, and produce The Sy Klopps Blues Band, led by Herbie Herbert (manager for Journey, Santana and Roxette and many others). Sy Klopps’ line-up included Herbie Herbert, Ross Valory, Prairie Prince, Greg Errico, Herman Eberitzsch, Tony Lufrano, Bobby Strickland, Tom Fugelstad, Michael Peloquin, Neal Schon and a string of awesome guest musicians including Steve Miller, Norton Buffalo and Roy Rogers. (David is proud to share a lifelong history with the late Herbie Herbert – all the way back to the day they were both born at the same hospital. Herbie’s long music career began in 1968 as Road Manager for Frumious Bandersnatch.)

Diesel Harmonics (a mechanical engineering term for fine-tuning diesel motors) was David's concept for a five-guitar band. He used this idea to orchestrate each guitar part, blending to make a singular smooth sound. He recorded his first solo album, "Diesel Harmonics" in 1993 (co-produced with Stephen Jarvis) with Prairie Prince (drums), Anders Rundblad (Wire Train, Cheryl Crow) (bass), and himself on all 5 guitar parts. The Live Diesel Harmonics band, a Fender guitar onslaught, was David (guitar), Dave Shul (guitar), Larry Trott (guitar), Gary Arago (guitar), Happy Sanchez (drums), Jim Gordon (bass) and David's son, Mason Denny (guitar) sitting in on a few gigs.

David was also on the road for various Steve Miller Band tours at the time, providing technical support and monitor mixing. In 1993, David's original song "Circle of Fire" was recorded on the Steve Miller Band album, "Wide River." David also recorded the old Fleetwood Mac blues tune, "Without You" for the CD "Bay Area Blues Volume One," released on the German record label Taxim in 1996. David’s cover of "Without You" currently has over 129,000 views on YouTube.

Diesel Harmonics’ second CD, "Louisiana Melody" (produced by David, Stephen Jarvis, Tim Gorman & Nathaniel Kunkel) was released in October 1997 and featured an all-star cast: Tim Gorman, Prairie Prince, Ross Valory, Myron Dove, Bobby Vega, Lyle Workman, Jerry Donahue, Jerry Miller, David Grisman, Steph Burns, Bobby Strickland, Kathy Peck, Michael Peloquin, Carlos Reyes, Annie Stocking, Genie Tracy and Larry Batiste (their various credits include: The Who, Beck, The Rolling Stones, Santana, Mickey Hart, Jefferson Starship, Jerry Garcia, The Tubes, Journey, Todd Rundgren, KBC, Y&T, Dick Dale, Fairport Convention, Moby Grape, Zero, Harvey Mandel and more).

Over the past 20+ years, David has continued recording several music projects both in the studio and live (see Discography for full client and project list). David’s third CD, "Remnant of Grace," was a live acoustic duo album with his long-time friend, Carlos Reyes on violin (this duo has played many shows together since). David’s one-man rock opera, "Marie 21 and Flying" was a collaboration with director David Ford at the Marsh Theater (SF) and received 5-star reviews at his 2008 Fringe Festival performance. David went on to perform his rock opera at theaters and clubs throughout the Bay Area. Around 2000 David rejoined Jack King and Brian Hough for an acoustic resurrection of All Night Flight, which performed many shows around the Bay Area.

David ran a successful audio engineering and live recording business for several decades which he is now retired from. He currently resides just outside of Santa Cruz, CA where he writes and records from "Rodeo Studio." He released "Take a Deep Breath," a collaboration with co-producer Michael Hurwitz, dedicated to his late wife, Cheryl, in 2022. His latest full-length album, "Agree to Disagree," (also co-produced with Michael Hurwitz) was released in April 2023.


Stay tuned for news of his CD release party and upcoming performances!

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