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Frumious Bandersnatch

The Flight of the Frumious Bandersnatch

David Denny (guitars, vocals)

Brian Hough (guitars, vocals)

Jack King (drums, vocals)

David Denny Credits: Songwriter, engineer, co-producer, guitar, vocals

“If any one group can legitimately qualify as the 'great lost psychedelic band', then Frumious Bandersnatch is that group. The few tantalizing glimpses of the combo afforded by their solo release from the 1960s gained an enormous reputation. The subsequent fortunes of its members in groups like Journey and The Steve Miller Band have only added to the phenomenon. The name, derived from Lewis Carroll's proto-psych 'Jabberwocky', has an exciting air of psychedelic mystery to it. So, after many years of wishful thinking on the part of music aficionados all over the world, the band is proud to bring you their 12 new song original song pop/rock CD entitled simply 'THE FLIGHT OF THE FRUMIOUS BANDERSNATCH'. Their reputation as psychedelic majesties notwithstanding, Frumious Bandersnatch was always about the songs. This singular aggregation was populated both by fine writing talent, and fine interpreters of that talent's wares. The thing to remember about the reconstituted Frumious is that they are not so much revisiting the sounds for which their name is rightly feted, but rather, that they are returning to the mode whereby their unique music was crafted. The joy of old friends and colleagues reconnecting is palpable throughout this reunion album, and it's reflected in the quality of the material. The triple whammy of "My Heart Is Your Tonight," Swaying" and "On Again Off Again" - at least two hit singles there, in a perfect world - has the easy charm and folksy familiarity one immediately associates with a classic album. And that's just the opening gambit. Every subsequent track has a warm, memorable quality, whether it be David's "Falling So Deep", Bobby's "Sweet Innocent Thing" or Jack's "Black Box" - the latter a plaintive postscript and coincidentally, the lone vintage item on display. Otherwise this is all brand new Frumious. They've worked long and hard, and given their all, on this record and it shows. Welcome back guys. Grammy nominated producer Alec Palao Ace Records UK 'The Flight of The Frumious Bandersnatch' Produced by David Denny and Lee Parvin.” – from (

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