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Dakah Hip Hop Orchestra

San Francisco Debut

Geoff Gallegos (Double G) (conductor)

Full Orchestra Line-up:

David Denny Credit: Engineer

“daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra is an orchestra co-founded by Los Angeles composer and the orchestra's conductor Geoff Gallegos (Double G) with a diverse group of 23 musicians in 1999. According to Double G's interview with Los Angeles music reporter Ife Oshun in 2005, the name daKAH "has roots in ancient Ghana" and it refers to "a policy of societal organization and an understanding of the creative process" in which people are given tasks according to their skills, creating "a feeling of meaningful work amongst people, and the satisfaction in feeling like you're on your right path." daKAH grew out of a wave of multidisciplinary hip-hop collectives that grew out of the Los Angeles club scene that also included the L.A. Symphony, Breakestra and Ozomatli. Among its founding members there were saxophonist Matt DeMerritt, multi-instrumentalist Gabby La La, Viola player Ashley English Tobin and trombonist Elizabeth Lea.” -from Wikipedia (

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