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Neal Schon

Piranha Blues

Neal Schon (guitars, mandolin)

Richard Martin Ross (vocals)

Ross Valory (bass)

Prairie Prince (drums)

Michael Peloquin (harmonica)

Bobby Strickland (Saxophone)

David Denny Credits: Songwriter ("Hole in My Pocket")

“Neal Schon's career has spanned from his guitar work on legendary recordings by Santana, Journey, HSAS, Schon/Hammer, Bad English and Hardline. "Piranha Blues" evokes memories of classic Blues/Rock superstars like Jeff Beck Group, Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Cream yet retains the strong Neal Schon signature sound which has made him a guitar legend. "Piranha Blues" features contributions by Ross Valory, Prarie Prince, and Richard Ross, and is the blues album that Neal has talked about and wanted to record for a long time. The ex-Journey axeman assembled a team of players who just wanted to plug in and tear it up. Period. Crank this disc up LOUD!” -Guitar9

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