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Sy Klopps Blues Band

Old Blue Eye is Back

Herbie Herbert (guitar, vocals)

Neal Schon (lead guitar)

Ross Valory (bass)

Bobby Scott (rhythm guitar)

David Denny (rhythm guitar)

Greg Errico (drums)

Herman Eberitzsch (keyboards)

David Denny Credits: Co-producer, engineer, guitars

In 1987, David and Bobby Scott helped form, record, and produce The Sy Klopps Blues Band, led by Herbie Herbert (manager for Journey, Santana and Roxette and many others). Sy Klopps’ line-up included Herbie Herbert, Ross Valory, Prairie Prince, Greg Errico, Herman Eberitzsch, Tony Lufrano, Bobby Strickland, Tom Fugelstad, Michael Peloquin, Neal Schon and a string of awesome guest musicians including Steve Miller, Norton Buffalo and Roy Rogers. (David is proud to share a lifelong history with the late Herbie Herbert – all the way back to the day they were both born at the same hospital. Herbie’s long music career began in 1968 as Road Manager for Frumious Bandersnatch.)

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