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David Denny

Neon Sky (Movie)

David Denny (guitars, vocals)

Carlos Reyes (violin)

David Denny Credits: Original soundtrack

© 2011 Monima Music

Winner of Tiburon International Film Festival's 2015 Golden Reel Award for Best Actor Nolan Mecham

Official selection of the 2014 Sonoma International Film Festival

“An American portrait depicting the last days of a traveling carnival and the family who struggles to keep it alive.” – (

Full description: “A small traveling carnival owned and operated by the Sullivan family struggles to keep their way of life, despite being told by town after town that they are no longer welcome. Faced with what lies ahead, they work to keep their band of misfits and drifters together even though it may be the end of the road.”

Scriptwriter & Director: Jennifer Juelich
Producer: Debbie Brubaker, D. Sputnik Juelich & Craig Desoer
Cinematography: Tad Barker, Leonard Levy & David Scardina

Nolan Mecham
Debra Knox
Gracie DeZago
D. Sputnik Juelich
Kari Wishingrad
Paul Gianakos
Tony Grat
Morganne Juelich
Tony Rolandelli
Brett Sanders
Kerry Wing

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