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Diesel Harmonics

Louisiana Melody

David Denny (guitars, vocals)

Tim Gorman (credit to be added)

Prairie Prince (drums)

Ross Valory (bass)

Myron Dove (credit to be added)

Bobby Vega (credit to be added)

Lyle Workman (credit to be added)

Jerry Donahue (credit to be added)

Jerry Miller (credit to be added)

David Grisman (credit to be added)

Steph Burns (credit to be added)

Bobby Strickland (credit to be added)

Kathy Peck (credit to be added)

Songwriter, engineer, co-producer, guitar, vocals

Diesel Harmonics’ second CD, "Louisiana Melody" (produced by David, Stephen Jarvis, Tim Gorman & Nathaniel Kunkel) was released in October 1997 and featured an all-star cast: Tim Gorman, Prairie Prince, Ross Valory, Myron Dove, Bobby Vega, Lyle Workman, Jerry Donahue, Jerry Miller, David Grisman, Steph Burns, Bobby Strickland, Kathy Peck, Michael Peloquin, Carlos Reyes, Annie Stocking, Genie Tracy and Larry Batiste (their various credits include: The Who, Beck, The Rolling Stones, Santana, Mickey Hart, Jefferson Starship, Jerry Garcia, The Tubes, Journey, Todd Rundgren, KBC, Y&T, Dick Dale, Fairport Convention, Moby Grape, Zero, Harvey Mandel and more).

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