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The Mermen

Krill Slippin'

Jim Thomas (guitar)

Allen Whitman (bass)

Martyn Jones (drums)

David Denny Credits: Engineer, co-producer

“Krill Slippin’ was the first album project by the San Francisco Bay area surf group The Mermen, and features dual guitar parts and lush reverbs in a modern update of traditional surf rock. The opening track “Ocean Beach” starts the CD off with a bang, while other highlights such as “Big Day At The Bay” and “Neptune’s Revenge” portend to some ot the great Mermen music that would follow on later albums. Dark and ominous tracks such as “The Whales” give a different flavor to the material, but guitar fans will love the tone and twang emanating from the riffs delivered from Jim Thomas’ axe. Overall, well-crafted, yet minimalistic arrangements that compliment the Mermen’s other recorded material quite nicely.” –Guitar 9

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