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Josh Harris

Josh Harris

Josh Harris (vocals, keyboards)

David Denny (guitar solo)

David Denny Credits: Co-producer, co-mixer, co-arranger, guitar solo (“Drive Them Blues Away”)

Born in the Northern California town of Walnut Creek, Josh began playing piano at the age of five. Raised in a family of artists, he was always encouraged to pursue his love of music. Trained classically, Josh began pursuing songwriting during his school years, performing with local bands.
Attending college in 1974, Josh began performing with possibly the very first American Reggae band, called Huey & The Titans (later becoming Warner Bros recording artists The Shakers). His next effort was with San Francisco legend, Steamin' Freeman.

Josh moved to Los Angeles in 1977 where he recorded and toured with different artists, while pursuing his solo career. In 1980, Josh began studies at the Recording Arts and Sciences Dept at Cat. State, Los Angeles. He then became an engineer at Dreamship Studios in Los Angeles. Here he worked with groups such as: X, Los Crusados, and most importantly, The Untouchables.

While recording the Untouchables in 1983, Josh played organ on one of their songs. They soon asked him to join the band, which he did. The Untouchables eventually released 5 albums, 3 music videos, appeared in 4 movies and many television shows, including live concerts on Showtime and MTV. The group received a Billboard Magazine Award and toured the world with hit songs like: Free Yourself, What´s Gone Wrong and I Spy For The FBI.

Josh eventually left The Untouchables in 1986, when he decided to marry his wife, Carol, and settle down. They started a clothing company in Los Angeles and later moved back north to San Francisco. They settled in Novato, where they are living today.

Josh began creating music videos several years ago as a form of song expansion.

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