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Steve Miller Band

Greatest Hits (1974-1978)

Steve Miller (lead vocals/guitar)

David Denny (guitar/vocals)

Bobby Winkleman (guitar)

Ross Valory (bass)

Lonnie Turner (bass, vocals)

Jack King (drums)

Gary Mallaber (drums)

Byron Allred (keyboards)

Norton Buffalo (harmonica, vocals)

David Denny Credits: Songwriter ("The Stake"), guitars

“The Stake" appeared on SMB’s Greatest Hits album (1974-1978), which has sold over 13 million copies to date. This song of burning confidence, well known by its chorus, "Nobody Loves You Like the Way I Do," portrays a classic blues man's brag to his lover and was a perfect match for Steve Miller's "Gangster of Love" stage persona. "The Stake" lives on to this day, connecting with each new generation of Steve Miller Band fans.

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