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Diesel Harmonics

Diesel Harmonics

David Denny (guitars)

Prairie Prince (drums)

Anders Rundblad (bass)


David Denny (guitar)

Dave Shul (guitar)

Larry Trott (guitar)

Gary Arago (guitar)

Happy Sanchez (drums)

Jim Gordon (bass)

Mason Denny (guest guitarist)

David Denny Credits: Songwriter, engineer, co-producer, guitar, vocals

Diesel Harmonics (a mechanical engineering term for fine-tuning diesel motors) was David's concept for a five-guitar band. He used this idea to orchestrate each guitar part, blending to make a singular smooth sound. He recorded his first solo album, "Diesel Harmonics" in 1993 (co-produced with Stephen Jarvis) with Prairie Prince, Anders Rundblad (Wire Train, Cheryl Crow), and himself on all 5 guitar parts. The Live Diesel Harmonics band, a Fender guitar onslaught, was David, Dave Shul, Larry Trott, Gary Arago, Happy Sanchez, Jim Gordon and David's son, Mason Denny sitting in on a few gigs.

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