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The Trichromes

Dice With the Universe

Sy Klopps (Herbie Herbert) (vocals)

Bill Kreutzmann (drums)

Neal Schon (guitar)

Ralph Woodson (guitar)

Ira Walker & Mike DiPirro (bass)

David Denny Credit: Mixing

“This CD is dedicated to the memory of Ken Kesey, who died in November of 2001. Ken Kesey was closely tied to the early development of the Grateful Dead, and was part of the extended family throughout the band's existence. The Dead were the house band for Kesey's acid tests in 1965 and 1966 (for the first of these, the Grateful Dead still performed under their previous name, The Warlocks). Musicians Include Neal Schon from Journey. There are only three songs, but this EP has twenty-five minutes of great music, and features Bill Kreutzmann, drummer for the Grateful Dead.” – from Michael’s Music Blog

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