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Steve Miller Band

Box Set

David Denny Credits: Songwriter ("The Stake"), guitars

“64 tracks which compile some early rarities and his late '60s San Franciscan work, every major '70s hit from the band- Fly Like an Eagle; The Joker; Rock'n Me , etc.-and a whole disc of blues. In short, it's all sides of this multifaceted rocker, even early childhood recordings, plus key album tracks like Space Cowboy; Living in the U.S.A.; Going to Mexico , and more. Definitive!” -Amazon Review

“It would've been news if Steve Miller hadn't grown up to be a musician. Les Paul (a Wisconsin friend of Miller's physician father) taught him his first chords, and Miller gleaned his bluesy, melodic sense from T-Bone Walker, a frequent guest at the family's back-yard parties. That innate musicality permeates Miller's satisfying box set (generously kicked off with early home recordings of those two childhood heroes), placing a warm artistic sensibility ahead of slavish devotion to historical chronology. The result is one of the most listenable, user-friendly multidisc compilations around. Fans will find samples of Miller's first San Francisco-based successes of the '60s, through his string of ubiquitous '70s hit singles (refreshingly sequenced on disc 2 to emphasize the inherent genius of the perfect three-minute pop song) to later work rife with jazz and the subtle shadings of maturity. Miller is one of rock's most consistent (albeit persistently underrated) writers and performers. This collection proves that those who know him only from "Jungle Love" and "Abracadabra" don't know Steve Miller at all.”-Jerry McCulley

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