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Frumious Bandersnatch

A Young Man's Song

David Denny (lead guitar, vocals)

Bobby Winkelman (guitar, vocals)

Jimmy Warner (guitar, vocals)

Ross Valory (bass, vocals)

Jack King (drums, vocals)

David Denny Credits: Guitars

“Over 70 minutes of previously unreleased material, in pretty good fidelity, patched together from live recordings, studio outtakes, and TV soundstage tapes recorded by four different lineups of the band at various points in the late '60s. Their compositions weren't as striking or original as those of their primary inspirations (the Airplane and Moby Grape), but the band were adept at both concise, harmony-driven numbers and jams with some sparkling guitar interplay. It's worth hearing for those with a passion for the San Francisco psychedelic sound, although it actually doesn't include their best cuts. Those are found on their one official release (a 1968 locally distributed three-song EP), which has been reissued on a Big Beat compilation of rare '60s San Francisco psychedelia, The Berkeley EPs.”

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