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David Denny

Agree to Disagree

David Denny (guitars, vocals, synth)

Michael Hurwitz (drums, percussion)

Tom Miller (bass)

David K. Matthews (organ, piano)

David Denny Credits: Co-engineer, co-producer, songwriter, guitars, vocals

All songs written by David Denny except "If Only's"
& Dance All By Myself" written by David Denny & Nicole Denny


I want to give special thanks to all who helped bring these songs to life. Michael… you brought a breath of fresh air into the feel and groove of this album that set the foundation for us all to connect to. As always, your drumming, engineering, editing, mixing and mastering were phenomenal… thank you for bringing this CD all the way home. Tom… you nailed the bass down and brought the pulse of these songs to life. Dave… once again your amazing talents were the final glue that brought the instruments and vocals together. Lastly but definitely not least, to my wonderful daughter Nicole… your help and insights throughout the process gave me the inspiration to finish these songs. The few lyric verses you added to two of the songs are some of my favorite words on the CD.

These last few years have been head-spinning in regards to families and friends. We have been separated in so many ways with how we have been taught to treat and react to each other. I remember many times before this where we could “agree to disagree” and still stay close to the people we loved most. Please wake up! We all need a whole lot more love in this world!


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